Bhakti Fest West 2014 – Joshua Tree, California


Friends who transcend together, stay together.

Elements to a happy and healthy existence discovered: music, yoga, workshops, food

Bhakti Fest offers a weekend of world music of so many varying forms you will find yourself being overtaken with beats that may have never before swayed you.
This year’s lineup of performers included Matisyahu, MC Yogi, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus band, Prema Hara, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, and many more. The most interesting music, which seemed to be non stop through the entire weekend at one corner or another, was this amazing Kirtan that was pretty much a mixture of different instruments and chanting style singing. If you had told me last week that I would have danced more to that than I have at an EDM show I would have thought you were crazy but it’s true and found pieces of jazz and swing coming out of that Kirtan chanting as well!!
Of course the number one reason for my attendance to Bhakti Fest was to see Matisyahu and i must admit this was the best performance To date!! Fellow writer and friend in transcendence, Nicole DeRosa, said it best when she relayed to me she felt like we were in his living room watching an intimate jam session. Laughing his way through the lyrics, impromptu beat boxing in so many songs it left my jaw dropped and coming up with the set list as he went, it was a truly remarkable side of him I had never seen. Following up with the one and only MC Yogi joining him on stage for one of the sickest beat box collaborations I have ever seen! I spent the rest of the night dancing my legs off to MC Yogis amazing rhymes and fell asleep in my tent staring up at a beautiful rising moon surround by Joshua trees!


12 hours of yoga a day….need I say more? Okay, you want just a little bit more? Bhakti Fest offers tens of classes a days varying from vinyasa flow to “the art of flight” and my personal new favorite that had me smiling from ear to ear – acroyoga. All ages and all levels are welcome in every class so there is no need to allow ego to follow you to the classes–you practice to your own level which allows you to explore your yoga practice more deeply.


Okay so rock climbing is actually not on the menu of events at Bhakti Fest but it’s a rock climber must do while at the festival anyways. The entrance to Joshua Tree National Park is just up the road from the festival location. You can easily drive up, tackle a few bomber cracks at anytime of the day and still enjoy every single event at the festival. If you are lucky you will see the amazing guys from Teeccino up there on the walls of some amazing slabs and then can get some tips and herbal coffee from them at their booth at the festival :). I know they completely made my weekend the most memorable experience and I am stoked to have met each and every one of them!!


Bhakti Fest  had an array of workshops on meditation and breathing techniques as well as classes on self love, self awareness, and personal growth. Classes and workshops went from extremely early in the morning to late into the night and had something to offer everyone from High Vibe Oneness with the amazing Catherine Scherwenka to Dancing with the Moon with Siva Mohan.

Long gone are the days when festival food makes your stomach lurch and eyes cringe. Food at most transformational festivals now offer a large variety of healthy and wonderfully delicious food and beverage choices. As for Bhatki Fest….can I give another huge shoutout to my boys over at Teeccino!! “Teeccino: Feed your body the way nature intended with our Caffiene-Free Herbal Coffee and Sustained Energy Cereal”–yep that plug definitely just happened 🙂
But honestly, huge shoutout all over the place as amazing dishes were had from Bliss Cafe, Lydia’s Organics, Coconut Bliss, and Pie for the People. For a further look at the delicious food follow my great friend Jenny Cleary’s



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