Envision Festival 2015 – Uvita Costa Rica

Envision magic – envision love – envision freedom – it’s all to be found at Envision Festival ❤️

Elements to a happy and healthy existence discovered: music, yoga, workshops, food, nature

MUSIC: some of both America and Canada’s finest musicians, hip hop artists and DJs came together this year for a non stop magical jungle dancing extravaganza.  Envision festival has several stages located throughout the festival grounds with two main stages, Sol and Luna (sun and moon).  All are extravagantly designed and decorated to be their own creative masterpiece prior to a musical act even reaching their stage.  I was literal left dancing 24 hours a day from amazing day sets like Henry Pope’s amazing work on the tables to pulsating with the Polish Ambassadors in the evening and then watching the sun rise with sunrise sets from legends like Random Rab.  Only to fall asleep with the sound of the howler monkeys waking up to start the party all over again.  From jam band- to hip hop – to soooo much EDM–there was music for every ear.  It’s so hard to pick a favorite show when blessed with music like that from lyrical genius’ The Luminaries only to have them blow your mind by bringing out crazy special guests like new hip hop phenomenon Kiyoshi to make the show just that much more exciting and interesting!!  If good music – amazing energy – and dancing until you drop makes you one happy camper (literally) then start booking your plane ticket now!!!

YOGA:  #yogaeverydamnday FOR REAL!!! Classes offered all day long and in every style!  And how I managed to make it to the third sentence of this paragraph without screaming “YOGA GIRL” is beyond me! not only was I able to take an amazing class from the one and only Rachel Brathan, she partied with everyone all weekend long — guided us in meditation as the sun set over the ocean — and side by side handstands on the beach ❤️❤️ 

WORKSHOPS: I jumped into so many interesting workshops at this event!  Tons of great information on permaculture and sustainably while changing it up with expansion topics on life and love.

FOOD: So many yummy yummy dishes all around!!  curries, salads, bliss balls for days and many other delightful treats and dishes.  And there is no way you are denying yourself the amazing smoothies 3 times a day!!

NATURE: you wake up to monkeys in the trees–you lounge in waterfalls and you dance to the sunset on the beaches of Uvita.  It just as magical as you have ever dreamed Costa Rica could be.


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