Lucidity Festival 2015

LUCIDITY FESTIVAL is an annual festival held in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara California, Live Oak Campground. This year is took place on April 10-12, 2015. A 24 hour festival full of amazing music, interactive art, amazing workshops and some pretty sweet cuddle puddles if I do say so myself 🙂


The music lineup of this year’s LUCIDITY FESTIVAL was absolutely everything you have been looking for on the EDM scene. Some of my all time favorites straight out of the jungles of Envision Festival: The Polish Ambassador, The Luminaries and Henry Pope just to drop a few names – joined by ever amazing acts like Dirtwire and Pumpkin to ensure awesome performances all day and night long each and every day!

This is by far the most diverse amount of workshops and presentations I have ever been to! The festival is laid out in seven different villages: Goddess Grove, Lovers’ Nest, Family Garden, Warriors Way, Nomads’ Nook, Trixster’s Playground and Healing Sanctuary. The workshops and presentations are organized and grouped according to the villages and include Activation, Art & Creativity, Breathwork, Business / Entrepreneurship, Consciousness, Creation, Culture, Ecology, Empowerment, Environmental, Finance & Economics, Flow Arts, Food / Nutrition, Health & Healing, Kid’s Playshop, Lifestyle, Lucid Dreaming, Martial Arts, Meditation, Movement, Music, Permaculture, Playshop, Primal Skills, Science & Technology, Social Change, Spoken Word, Sustainability, Visionary Panel, World Peace, AND Yoga (so many I literally had to just copy and paste that from their website LOL)



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