Kick Cancer in the Asana 1 Day Yoga Retreat

So much love and appreciation to all who attended the Kick Cancer in the Asana Yoga Retreat to raise awareness and funds for my cancer recovery.  It was a beautiful day with multiple cancer survivors in attendance and more love surrounding them than any one person could have ever envisioned.  The guided meditation by international mediation instructor Regina Calvaro was the most healing and empowering meditation I have ever been led through. Sound healing from a variety of flutes, hand pans, and didgeridoo.  Yoga and Acro yoga classes all day by both teachers from across Southern California. Kim I ha from  Lunch from the amazing Gratitude restaurant in downtown San Diego.  It was truly a magical day.

It would be an honor to host this event once a year in the future to raise money for other yoga instructors across the country tragically and suddenly sickened with Cancer.   

Contact me to see how we can collaborate if this is a project you would be interested in joining in on next year!!!


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