Sponsor Discount Codes

I love to support amazing companies doing amazing things in the world.  I have had the pleasure of doing business with genuine, beautiful, brilliant minds that lead some of the most lovable companies on the planet!  Some are close friends, some are local businesses I support and some are just down right inspiring and awesome companies to be around.  Below are some special discount codes provides by some of them for my readers and followers:

Balini Sports owned by my beautiful friend Ada Hung–amazing yoga apparel!  Instagram: @balinisports       
CODE:  hhexistence

Bloom and Give Each Bloom & Give scarf and bag is 100% handmade with love in India.  Their mission is to change girls’ lives in India. Each purchase sends a girl to school for approximately one year.
CODE:  HAPPYHEALTHYEXISTENCE (not case sensitive)This code can be applied against any purchase >$50 at bloomandgive.com; and you or your friends get $15 off

Brazil Wear  made of imported Supplex fabric from Brazil (which our customers love!). Their leggings are very versatile and look fabulous as you workout or for a night out! 

The Teal Hippo Making the cutest hand printed t shirts with awesome prints like “50% Deepak 50% Tupac” ❤️️
CODE: HEALTHY20 for 20% off

Bed of Nails Awesome Accupressure mats and pillows.  15% off any Bed of Nails products and that includes free shipping. 


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